Sunday, February 25, 2007

33-29 Peters; 14:15 in the 2nd

  • A Marty O'Sullivan (his first action all night) steal leads to a foul on Van Schaick on the flooor after a potential fast break.
  • Herbie Allen drains a wide open three. 33-29 Peters.
  • Van Schaick misses a three trying to beat the 2-3 zone. Kevin Spann goes the other way with the carom and takes it to the whole with a lay-up. 33-26 Peters.
  • Brock fouls Shake on the floor - hard foul from the big PG.
  • Brock gets the ball in the pain on a cut, misses the first, but grabs his own rebound and puts it in. 31-26 Peters.
  • Peanut gets the ball in the post, misses the shot, but is fouled by Hakeem Gooding in the process. Johnson goes to the line - he misses both (ugly day of shooting). he gets a second chance on a lane violation and hits one. 29-26 Peters.
  • Raul Ortiz misses a long three from NBA range with the shot clock winding down. Not exactly what they had in mind.
  • Pre-game meal: Jersey style pizza and a Diet Pepsi. Surprisingly, not too bad. They make it better here than they do in Barone. Ben and Tom agreed.
- Keith Connors

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