Friday, January 26, 2007

Four Score: 66 Stags, 58 Peacocks

  • FOUR IN A ROW: The Stags have done it again and are on a roll. A strong second half and a few offensive adjustments here and there made the different. Great job by the Stags.
  • Herbie Allen had a breakout night. He was the leading scorer for the Stags. Finishing with 19. He got an nice ovation from the crowd.
  • Mamadou Diakhate and Mike Van Schaick once again were integral parts of the win. The great thing about it is that both players were resilient tonight. Both shot poorly in the first half and looked shaky; they followed it with strong efforts and great hustle play in the following period. Both are great leaders.
  • Herbie hits both shots on the foul. Shake follows it by hitting the technical foul free throws. A rare four-point play for FU. Great break for the Stags. When you're on a winning streak these things seem to happen..
Post game thoughts, commentary, and a recap are on the way from Tom Clearly and myself. Thanks for stopping by.

- Keith Connors

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