Friday, January 26, 2007

22-21 Stags - Halftime Update

At Harbor Yard, it's 22-21 Stags at the half. Cooley can have two ways to look at it: either its embarassing since they're facing a sub-par opponent that they clearly should defeat, or it's not all the bad considering they didn't score for the first 5+ minutes of the contest. The Stags settled down later in the first half, figuring it out and working on quickness. They're working on getting down the court fast and working on the skip pass or the open look.

Defensively, they've done a fine job. As long as they keep working under the boards and rebounding on both ends, they'll be fine.

The new Stag mascot is amazing - no, its stagtastic.

  • Marty's drive-in leaner doesn't go.
  • Momadou's o-reb gives the Stags a chace for the last shot.
  • Stags almost turn it over but manage to get a timeout as they were falling out of bounds.
  • Spann drives all the way on his own and hits an awkward bank shot. Stags 22-21
  • Stags come out in a near full court press. Based on their full court system in games past, it's something I wish they'd do more of.
  • Han's steal leads to a quick break. The Stags score on a lay-in from (guess who?) Mamadou Diakhate. FU leads 22-19 and the Peacocks take a T.O.
  • Momadou works down-low but can't find the basket. Han helps him out by stealing from Reeves on the other end of the floord.
  • Shake misses a three off a kick-out, but on the ensuing fastbreak Jonathan Han takes a charge. Han did a fantastic job of getting back and getting his feet set. That's textbook defense right there.
  • Momadou gives an impressive pass to Herbie Allen, who hits an even more impressive shot inside the Peacocks' tough zone D. Stags lead 20-19
- Keith

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