Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Women's Basketball Practice Update

Head Coach Dianne Nolan is working hard to prepare the Stags for the upcoming MAAC games.
Here is what they have been working on:

Offense: Zone penetration - as teams pack the lane to prevent Fairfield's taller players from getting the ball, the Stags have been working on finding gaps in the zone. Nolan also feels that against MAAC teams, getting the ball up and out quickly before the opponents get set will help their offense out.

Defense: Nolan feel that their man defense is very strong and are currently working on a run and jump D. Also, she is introducing a 1-1-3 zone defense to give teams a different look.

Other notes: Stephanie Geehan stayed after practice to work with assistant coach Craig Madzinski. Already a strong rebounder, look for her to increase her scoring in the post as her extra reps pay off.

Against Niagra, look for the Stags to concentrate on stopping penetration as Niagara looks to drive and draw the foul. Fairfield will need to keep their hands in check and not reach for the ball; just concentrate on keeping their bodies in front of the opponents.

-Chris Simmons

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