Sunday, December 10, 2006

Stags' Men's Basketball Defeats Canisius 75-64

With 8 minutes left in the first half, it appeared that the Stags were in for another rough loss. They were playing as bad as they did against Manhattan Friday night. Canisius stole the ball and then Frank Turner set up Darnell Wilson for an alley oop dunk, to give Canisius a 15 point lead. After that, the game changed. Fairfield took over and outscored Canisius 66-40 over the rest of the game.

  • In the press conference, Coach Cooley and the players seemed pleased with the victory. Van Schaick, who had a game-high 20 points said that he could finally get some rest and actually sleep, something he has not been able to do with all the basketball. Cooley was especially pleased with the performance of Mamadou Diakhate, who he felt deserves the game ball for all the hustle he put in. Van Schaick felt that energy plays from Diakhate and Anthony Johnson, who had a career-high 16 points, led the Stags comeback.
  • Fairfield shot 62.5 % in the second half, including 5-8 from three point land, definitely the team's best shooting game of the year. Fairfield offense was clicking, they were making the extra passes and finding open shots and then making them.
  • Devin Johnson will have an MRI and X-Rays tomorrow to determine the status of his shoulder injury. It appeared that he seperated his left shoulder when Wilson dunked over him. Cooley feels that Johnson's physical ability as a wing player will be missed and that he hopes Johnson will not be out for long. Although with the violence of the collision, and the look pain on Johnson's face, even after returning to the bench, Johnson may miss an extended period of time, look for Diakhate to step in for Johnson, especially after his night.
  • Fairfield committed just 6 turnovers in the second half, while forcing 6 as well, although pressure led to forced shots and it appeared like the Stags were playing a much cleaner game than Canisius. When Fairfield took their first lead, it seemed like they killed any momentum Canisius had and the Golden Griffins looked deflated. At one point a defensive rebound rolled right past a Canisius player who did not even move for it.
  • The Stags now head into a much needed 17 day rest. Anthony Johnson and Van Schaick both looked happy to have the time off when discussing it following the game.
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