Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Men lose to Providence

After the thrilling OT victory against St. Francis this weekend, the Stags fell to Providence 67-50 Monday night. Despite the fall of Michael Van Schaik '07, who had begun to find his game, what was perhaps the biggest factor in the game was the rise of the Stags' rookie class. Anthony Johnson '10 led the Stags with 10 points, and Greg Nero '10 and Rich Flemming '10, each had nine.

However, we have to continue to ask where the outside shooting will come from. The Stags shot 39% in field goals and 18% from three-point range.

Also, why is Mamadou being used so sparingly? Granted he was injured, but he leads the Stags in points per 40 minutes with 23. True an abstract statistic, but shouldn't it at least warrant more than 10 or so minutes a game?

That's it for now. - Dan

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